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“In the past year, various activist groups have repeatedly addressed the slogan „By 2020 we rise up!“ as a warning to politicians and corporations. This has created a certain tension and expectation of what will happen in the year 2020, a tension that even we could not escape.”

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Johannes Rass, born 20.05.02, is an editor and musician, based in Graz (AT).

His interest in art was raised very early. Since the age of 10 he has participated in various music competitions, such as prima la musica and won several awards in solo and group competition.

Later on also filmmaking got his interest and he started to make his own movies at home. The love in film was quickly discovered.

In 2016, Johannes moved to Graz to follow his childhood dream of filmmaking at the Ortweinschule Graz for Film and MultimediaArt. He immediately got involved in projects of the students in the classes above. 

His biggest project so far is the experimental short Pressure.