Editor, 1. AC the film making-Of Mentally ill and party-happy. Timo has just finished a long therapy and he and his friends want to celebrate that. But is he really healed yet? Together with his friends Emi, Alex, Sina and Niklas, Timo celebrates his release from the clinic in a mountain hut. But he is


Editor & 1. AC  Narrative Short Film The world turns on her. Emma, who suffers under the psychological supervision of her therapist and the judgmental looks of her mother.It seems as if the routine is casting a spell over her. But suddenly she meets a mysterious boy of her age. Finn.He seems to understand Emma


Dialogue Editor, Speaker audioplay schuldICH? is an award winning audioplay, produced by Lara Rabitsch, Gregor Franz, Johannes Rass and Julian Pixel Schmiederer. When Mrs. Enzenhofer wakes up in hospital, she can’t remember anything. Before she even understands why she is here, she is already bombarded with questions by a policeman. The doctor tries to explain that