Editor, Cameraoperator

short documentary

It´s the alleged individuality of each and everyone, that you can fi nd in all of us and that unites us as a generation.


“The Difference” gives a glimpse into the life of 4 different teenagers from 4 different countries. The 4 protagonists will be accompanied by the camera for a whole day without any instructions or guidelines. How do they live? What connects them? What distinguishes them? Exactly that is what we want to find out with this project. All the parallels and differences should only be revealed during the editing process. What these will be, remains completely open until the film is finished.

Before the shooting we will only set the protagonists and the date, on which we will follow them around, as fix points, everything else is completely left to chance. We will do some kind of test shootings to get the protagonists used to working with  the camera, so we can get the purest impressions.

Director Julian Schmiederer
DP Gregor Franz
Editor Johannes Rass